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SEO Steve & Ivolution Online! February 6, 2008

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This is by far the most exciting thing I have done in years. Finally after months of trying to get things going I’ve managed to get full swing into the SEO & SEM business. My name is Steve but I will go by the name of SEO Steve. This is my business BLOG and my company is called Ivolution SEO. For more information about me and my company so that I don’t bore you with my very first article, you can check out my Portfolio link on the right….

The reason I started this BLOG is twofold! One I love BLOGGING, Two I want traffic for my site! Over the last couple of months my success with my clients has pretty much come down to the fact the BLOGGING is a very quick and easy way to build up and faithful and loyal client base….

By doing this you can quickly target people and quickly start generating alot of publicity for a new site! The site that this BLOG has been created for, is Ivolution SEO. The site is not complete yet, but it’s getting there, I need to BLOG first dammit!

So, welcome all to the new SEO BLOG which I’m hoping will bring you news and articles that you’ve never seen before! It’s the South African SEO blog with a difference! hehe, how many times have you read that. Happy reading, happy blogging and happy Wednesday!