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Social Bookmark Sites: Is it the end of internet forums! May 13, 2008

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Yesterday we wrote a little article about forums and how we need to clean them up. I strongly believe that with all the rubbish on the forums and I’m talking mainly about SEO forums  (won’t mention names but there’s not that many big ones left anymore) we’re looking at the demise of the FORUM so too speak.

A possible reason for the rubbish we find on forums these days, could be the introduction of social bookmark sites such as DIGG, REDDIT & The latest greatest SPHINN. Social bookmark sites have become a super duper highway of information and all they’re really doing is what the old forumsused to do, and that’s reference good articles and stories relating to specific topics. I belive that more topic related social bookmark sites such as SPHINN will make it easier for people to search end find topic related articles, but whom I to judge sites that bring in 30 000 000 visitors a month.

Which brings me back to my article yesterday…
So maybe the demise of the good old internet forum is Social Bookmarking!

What are your thoughts?
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