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SEO Tool for fixing broken links March 17, 2008

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Welcome back everyone. I do apologise for the state of this BLOG at the moment but my WordPress skills are something of a pathetic. I’ve been using BLOGGER for ages and I love it, but I was politely advised 🙂 by ALL that WordPress for SEO is a must. So, I’m slow at getting this BLOG off but give me some time….

Anyways, I came across a lovely little tool for all you SEO freaks out there. It’s called LinkTiger. There are 2 versions to this product as all good SEO tools should have, a free one, yes, the magic word, FREE SEO TOOL and a paid one. The free version allows you to check one website weekly for broken links. The paid, well there’s not limit to the power of this link checker.

As you all know, broken links in SEO is a no go and in terms of success rates in search engine, well it makes sense that a site with broken links, is just not a site worth crawling for anyone. Plus broken links look crap and drive people away from your site. With LinkTiger you’ll no longer have that problem. It’s check internal links, external links and images. Anything that’s out of the ordinary it’ll spit out at you. What’s amazing about this little tool as well is that it allows you too see crawl rates and speeds. It’s a brilliant a priceless tool.

Check it out, even if you use the free version, it’s worth it! - Broken links finding service