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Keyword Suggestion Tools – Don’t base your SEO strategy on them! July 11, 2008

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Have you, as an SEO ever been asked what keyword suggestion tools you use? Is it something you actually use as an SEO? Is it something you base your SEO campaign and strategy on? I honestly believed that keyword suggestion tools were the secret behind good SEO… I really did. I thought if you track the most searched for terms on the internet that you would be the most successful SEO in the industry and I believe that good SEO’s still think that, marketing guru’s too. The honest truth, I don’t use keyword suggestion tools PERIOD.

I’ve been a firm believer that the secret behind a successful SEO strategy and campaign is NOT in targeting the most searched for phrases on the internet. Do you honestly believe that Google doesn’t know when people are targeting top search phrases??? Then you obsiously don’t believe in big brother!

I write content. Whether it’s good content or not, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that it’s original! I write original content. I then post the content live. I setup sitemaps and analytics and once that’s up and running I wait. I play the patient slow, pain staking game of waiting….. It’s worth it! Once you know what people are then searching for to find that original content, you now have a great target for building a SEO campaign.

In doing so you may not get the 10000000 hits that “home equity loans” or “insurance” gets on a daily basis but you’ll get 30 hits of well targeted well converted keyword traffic!

Ask youself this question, would you rather have 10 000 hits a day of people coming in and then moving off your site, or would you, as a business entrepeneur spending R15 000 a month on a SEO campaign rather have 30 hits, where 15 of them convert to potential business???

The trick is not volume, the trick is getting Google and more importantly people to believe that your site is the site they want their business from.

Think about that tonight!

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