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FINANCIAL CRISIS!!!Reinvent YOURSELF – Revolutionize Your Company! June 10, 2008

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Reinvent the wheelWe all know what it’s like. We’re sitting at home, moping feeling the brunt of mortgage crisis collapses. We’re feeling the brunt of an ever increasing interest rate, an ever increasing fuel price. Food prices escalating at a rate of knots and well, we’re not making more money. So where to from here?

Well, I’m no business GURU and I’m know financial genius, but I am in the forefront of technology and believe that this is where you should start!

It’s a funny thing business. A couple of months ago in South Africa, real estate companies, mortgage companies and real estate investments companies were growing a rate of knots. In fact South Africa’s real estate market had taken over from the agricultural sector and the biggest income generating sector of our country! Now let me tell you this is a scary thought considering mining & agriculture was the start of our country! Sorry getting side tracked there…

During this time I started punting my SEO business, the reason being I had some ties in the real estate markets and I’ve had a pretty good success ratio with real estate and mortgage sites. Funny though, EVERYONE was making money and business was falling into their laps, so when I eventually sent them the quotes(and they were interested in what I had to say) they laughed. “HOW CAN YOU EXPECT US TO PAY R15 000.00 a month for this service?” What in the world could you give us that we’re not already getting without having to promote our business in anyway!!!!! So a couple of weeks and I mean weeks go by, and all of a sudden there’s a change in the property market. Business is not longer falling in your laps and money now needs to be spent on marketing. TV ads are unaffordable to most. Radio ads too. News papers only reach a certain percentage and in order for people to see and remember that AD, you need to get them on the right day!

This week I got 7 calls alone from mortgage brokers and real estate companies asking for SEO work to be done on their sites! The problem now is that you’re trying to jump in when others did it a year ago, and trying to play catchup to an already popular advertising median is never easy!

Having said that, it’s the way to go. The great thing about Internet marketing and advertising is that you’re constantly their to capture an audience when they’re looking for you. People no longer have to scrounge around looking for that advert in one of the 50 magazines they read in the last 3 weeks. They hop onto Google and TYPE in “Property sales in South Africa” and VOILA up pops your site.

This is what I’m tryig to get across to our South African business culture! The internet is the future. It is the way you can reinvent your business in a slow and quiet market. It’s a very cost effective way to advertise your business and if you don’t have a website, it’s time you WOKE UP!!!!

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