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Social Bookmark Sites: Is it the end of internet forums! May 13, 2008

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Yesterday we wrote a little article about forums and how we need to clean them up. I strongly believe that with all the rubbish on the forums and I’m talking mainly about SEO forums  (won’t mention names but there’s not that many big ones left anymore) we’re looking at the demise of the FORUM so too speak.

A possible reason for the rubbish we find on forums these days, could be the introduction of social bookmark sites such as DIGG, REDDIT & The latest greatest SPHINN. Social bookmark sites have become a super duper highway of information and all they’re really doing is what the old forumsused to do, and that’s reference good articles and stories relating to specific topics. I belive that more topic related social bookmark sites such as SPHINN will make it easier for people to search end find topic related articles, but whom I to judge sites that bring in 30 000 000 visitors a month.

Which brings me back to my article yesterday…
So maybe the demise of the good old internet forum is Social Bookmarking!

What are your thoughts?
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What has happened to resource references on forums? May 12, 2008

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ForumsIt’s something that I’ve been pondering about alot lately. This article may be a little old as well in it’s thinking but it’s true. Since the beginning of internet time forums have always been around. I mean working in IT for a couple of years, forums were the only thing that kept me in my job as an IT administrator when the SHIT hit the fan. In fact in the good old days when asking a question in a forum, the answer would normally be a link to external site and normally that site was number 1 in google for that search. 99% of the time rightly so as they deserved it and that’s probably how they managed to keep their site top of the rankings too.

But lately, forums have become crap! They’re no longer the informative incredible, quick responding platforms they used to be and to be totally honest the rubbish you read on them and specifically SEO forums is just not worth your while.

When I logon to a forum and a question is asked: “How do I generate links to my website”. Dudes and Dudesses, if I read “By submitting your site to free directories” once more on a forum I think I’m actually going to scream. The problem now is that you get 400 people replying to the same article and because the forums got some good link juice ranks for every SEO keyword and search phrase under the sun.

I have no problem with that, but when the content is just so full of nonsense it’s a waste of internet space!

So in an attempt to avoid the plain rant and rave, I’m going to attempt to bring back some calmness and order to forums. I only hope that some good forum administrators read this article and help clean up the rubbish on our net!  Lets do away with the 400 comments, per post. Lets start giving references to older posts, and other articles that people have written so that we can avoid the millions of duplicate content sites that we have spread across this vast world of ours!

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