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Google Results – South African Google Results, Not What I’m Looking For! July 10, 2008

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Was doing my morning rounds, checking top keywords on all my sites and I noticed something unusual this week. In the South African search results I noticed that fewer and fewer South African sites are showing up in the TOP 10…

I don’t mean searching in South African only, I mean go to a keyword in, search normally and see. Now, not only does this have me worried but if makes me realise that the couple of companies and people in South Africa that are doing SEO are going to see amazing results while other are farting against thunder against some of the world biggest Internet sites.

I think the main reason behind the sudden increase in search rankings for international sites on our local pages boils down to the fact that people, ordinary people, who know a little about SEO know that links are KING! What they don’t know is how to BUILD LINKS and that linking to international and getting links from international sites for the sake of getting links when you’re not monitoring them and not constantly looking out for sneaky SEO tricks, means you’re getting NO link juice, and they’re getting yours!

South African companies generally get 90% of their business from South Africans, so why are South African companies getting links for international sites? Simple really, it’s easier to fill in link exchange forms on 1000 sites than contacting people in your area, in your industry and related South African sites to start building some good link campaigns.

So what can you do to increase your chances of getting TOP 10 rankings on Google South Africa:
1. Submit your sites to local directories –,, etc… (Remember Google is your friend)
2. Find the TOP 50 sites in South Africa related to your topic or business field i.e. Cars –,, etc…
3. Related sites could have slight variations – Cars – Car Insurance, Car Finance, Selling Cars, Car Auctions etc….
4. Look for social networks & blog sites, build a good social network campaign and participate on these networks –,, etc…

South Africa’s internet community is thriving, but without a Good SEO campaign and a good SEO company you’re going to struggle to get the results you need to utilize this amazing marketing source.


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