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SEO March 25, 2009

Search engine whaptimizationIt’s the most intriguing phrase in the online marketing space as far as I’m concerned. It’s the kind of job that when people as you what you do, and you answer, search engine optimization – they kind of look at you with this “squint-eyed” look upon their faces and reply, search engine whaptimization????

Yeah, I love it! And that’s why I’ve decided to share my experiences as a search engine opimization specialist with the world. So today begins Wizardman’s adventure into the wild! Search engine optimization, I call it – The three F’s.

Fun – Free – F#ck!ng WILD!
This section of my site will contain postings about SEO and will hopefully keep those of you who love this topic interested enough to keep me posting more and more! Looking forward to having some readers onboard.


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