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Domain Names! BIG BIG BUSINESS February 12, 2008

Filed under: Domain Names — ivolution @ 3:17 pm

Moniker Domain AuctionYou know, I was one of those stubborn people that never believed that domain names were actually worth anything. I always believed that they were fly by night jobs and people were just wasting money on these darn things. You may ask me why I believed that? Well, one of my first jobs in the IT industry was as an domain name administrator and DNS Hostmaster.

 I actually managed the entire domain name space. This ladies and gentleman although it may seem a lovely job to some, is the most admin you could possible do as an IT professional.

Anyway, having registered domains such as, and various other multi billion Rand domain names, I finally clicked 8 months ago!! Domains people, incase you’re still one of those old school Steve thinkers, are the biggest thing since sliced cheese. This sudden change of though, and what reitterated it all for me was PUBCON 2007. I was fortunate to have had enough savings at the end of 2007 to send myself to the Pubcon WebmasterWorld Conference 2007 in December in Las Vegas.

After a long a tiresome day of listening to some of the worlds top SEO speakers, I found myself sitting at a domain name website auction. FUN FUN FUN MAN! This is an absolute blast and a must if you have a couple of dollars to spare! Let me give you a little breakdown of some of the domain names that were on auction:

Needless to say that these domain names were all on auction for the starting price of $ 1 Million. Yeah, exactly…
I did however get suckered into bidding for a domain and ended spending $750. This converted into Rands is actually a Sh!t load of cash, but, what can you say: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!!!!!

Any good domains you’ve bought that have made you some money?? Share your stories with us!