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Me February 6, 2008

SEO Steve

I have a pretty simple philosophy in life! It’s a saying from a 60’s military ICON:
“Hasta La Vittoria Sempre” – And always onward to victory – Ernesto “Che” Guevara

I live by it and I follow it!

Having come from a particularly Italian family who knew about nothing other than sport I was always lead to believe that I would one day grow up to become a Formula 1 Engineer. How many formula 1 engineers out there do you know??

After dropping out of varsity at ripe old age of 19 I decided to persue my career in IT. With a father who’d been around the IT block from the days of punch cards and old mainframe IBM’s to the days of Windows 3.1 I decided this was the way of the future.

So you could say I’ve been in IT for a while. With over 12 years experience in Operating Systems, Hardware, Software and Networking I managed to work my way to the top of the IT skills list. What’s strange though, and I only realised this a couple of years ago is that all the companies I worked for were online / internet based companies.

I’ve worked for Internet Solutions (The biggest ISP in South Africa), to Grand Prive (One of the largest online casino groups in Canada). Always in the networking and software fields. So where does my passion for marketing and SEO come from you may ask? Well Grand Prive! I started up their SEO / SEM division 18 months ago (2006), with very little success at first being in such a competitive industry, but what I realised was with a little work and allot of passion and time I managed to grow a love and passion for a market that I believe is the future of marketing.

I now have a Search Engine Marketing & Optimization company called Ivolution SEO running from South Africa. My client list ranges from Wizard Home Loans to Casino Grand Bay

Welcome to my new BLOG, hopefully you’ll be back for more and here to stay!


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