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SEO Competition R5000 CASH Prize… April 24, 2008

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South Africa’s HOTTEST SEO Competition

I had a blonde moment and I’m new to WordPress so give me a break šŸ˜‰ I created a new page and can’t link to it at the moment.

There’s an SEO Competition running for all South African SEO talents wanting to show off their expertise.

Come on in and check it out!
Ivolution SEO: R5000 SEO Talent Scout Competition


3 Responses to “SEO Competition R5000 CASH Prize…”

  1. bob Says:

    So….the fine print is that you are paying R5,000 for someones potential “Facebook-level” idea….because you own it after the competition is finished!
    What a cheap competition. At least offer a million or so…!
    Like hell I’m gonna hand over my ideas to your guys.

  2. ivolution Says:

    Bob @ Bob thanks for taking the time to voice your opinion. I believe that if I find someone that comes up with some IDEA that takes off like facebook…. I won’t be the only one smiling and I’d like to think this campaign would’ve been a great success.

    But no, you’ve actually missed my reason behind this competition. I am actually looking for someone new, young and good to help me take my company to the next level. That’s my ultimate goal! AND trust me, if he develops the next facebook both he and I will be smiling!

  3. Is this competition only for seo companies in Africa

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