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Google Everflux – Are Your Rankings Changing Daily April 4, 2008

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google-on-speed.jpgSome have called it Google on Speed. Some are calling it the Google Sundance, but it’s been bugging me for around a month now. My pages are jumping at a rate of knots and my rankings are changing daily. Then I read an article on my favourite site, Google Everflux: Just What We Needed, Google on Speed!

Finally, an understanding to what’s been happening. For those of you who have been monitoring your rankings closely I’m sure you’re already up to speed with the “NEW” Google Everflux update. Google Everflux although not a new term in the SEO arena dating back to 2002 according to Site Reference’s article (Way before my time) was also referred to as the Google Shuffle. The Google Shuffle was an update that would occur every 3 to 4 months where Google would re-asses your site and change your rankings accordingly i.e you’d see new pages linking to your site PR changes etc…

Here comes the change, the “NEW” Google Everflux runs pretty much every day. I’ve noticed my pages dropping and climbing between 5 and 10 places almost hourly at times. According to certain articles this daily refresh of content is to help Google deliver more relevant news results and page results to searchers thereby trying to create more dynamic and fluid results.

So the question is, does this mean, that content has become KING again? Or does it just mean that your linking strategies now need to be updated daily? Personally, a good linking strategy (Jim Boykins – How to build links in 30 days) and well written content (constantly changing & constantly up to date) will keep your site top!

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