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Does it pay to BLOG? March 4, 2008

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Paid BlogginIt’s been a long time since Ivolution SEO posted our first two BLOG posts and for that I must apologise. There are millions of SEO BLOGS out there that pop up and have this amazing first post about how they got so involved in BLOGGING and it’s been a life long dream of theirs to start this incredible BLOG, but alas it dies into a faint dim light eventually fading into oblivion!

But, we’re back and Ivolution are ready to take this SEO Blog to the next level. This weeks post is about Blogging 🙂 believe it or not, and the age old question: Do BLOGS pay? or: Does it pay to BLOG?

A new stuy from the University of Texas states that the top 50 000 blogs earned roughly in the reion of $500 million on average in 2006…. $500 million dollars for the top 50 000 blogs incase you didn’t read that before! These findings were based on Chitika’s blog advertising network of over 12, 000 registered blogs. Some of the conclusions were:

1. The top 1 percent accounted for approximately 20 percent of the total revenue.
2. The top 5 percent accounted for approximately 50 percent of the total revenue.
3. The top 10 percent accounted for approximately 80 percent of the total revenue.
4. The top 15 percent accounted for approximately 90 percent of the total revenue.

Taking those stats into account, if you’re a coroporate company or business and you haven’t discovered the art of blogging and art of making money from BLOGS, contact us @ Ivolution SEO Today – The revolution in Blogging!


2 Responses to “Does it pay to BLOG?”

  1. Chris M Says:

    Doesn’t surprise me at all, I’m sure there are some silent bloggers who are making thousands and thousands of dollars every month!

  2. ivolution Says:

    Dude. Thanks for being the first person to comment on my BLOG. Love it! WOOHOOO. Please come back man.

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